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My dad’s blood work was off the charts and his diabetes was out of control. Janvi systematically started out his diet plan based on his medical requirements. Her diet plans were easy to follow and my dad’s blood sugar levels came down in matter of 2 weeks. Even the doctor was pleasantly surprised at the marked improvement. The icing on the cake was he also managed to loose 15 kgs in 3 months. My dad is extremely happy with Janvi’s services and the fact that she is always available for his queries at any time. He now leads a healthier lifestyle thanks to her effort.
— Dr Pranay Shetty
Nobody likes to diet, including me. But Janvi has taught me to look beyond calories and stay fit. Janvi possess in depth knowledge of human nutrition and she customises diet plans to fit individual needs. She takes great pains to put her clients at ease. I have lost 10 kilos and 3 inches following her diet plan.
— Hetal Gandhi
I would highly recommend Janvi’s nutrition consultation services to help anyone who would like to decrease their dependence on medicines for ailments and would like to lead a healthier lifestyle.
— Varun Mundra
Janvi is somebody beyond a dietician and a nutritionist. She understands your practical routine and her diet plans are very feasible to follow. The consequences of the diet have been beyond weight loss for me. Her constant follow ups, superb handy alternatives, change in plan every 7-10 days are some of the reasons I would recommend anyone to consult Janvi.
— Aakash Agarwal



story 1

I am proud to say that I was able to help a 19 year old boy who came to me 2-3 months ago. He was 135 kg.

story 2

About 3 months back I had a client who visited me and shared with me that she contracted one of the

story 3

A client of mine had several allergies before he met me and would keep having reactions to those allergies one after the

Story 4

A client came to me with complaining about an unbareable pain in the knees and flare ups of heat and redness and swelling around the knees. It had become difficult for her to walk without help

Big Success story for the week

A young teenage client came along with his parents for a session where his parents complained of his frequent breathlessness attacks and constant wheezing from Rains until Summer and he had been suffering

story 5

A new client came to meet me on recommendation three weeks back. She was facing excessive bleeding issues with hardly any break for the last 4 to 5 months . She tried to figure out several ways of